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Cannyfeed aspires to create a video discovery platform which brings the world’s news together when and where you want it. An intelligent collection of world views in an attempt to simplify the way we consume our news. Cannyfeed would like to be your partner in the evolution of the world as we know it.


Cannyfeed is an online video search and discovery platform which offers a selection of news content from numerous content providers throughout the world. You can instantly select video content from sources one would typically not find on located within the same website. With new video content approximately every 10 minutes we have collected thousands of titles for you viewing pleasure.

Cannyfeed is available for free on all your devices, as we employ mobile friendly technologies for Android, IOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and more. You have to unlimited freedom to watch and share to your hearts desire and we implore you share your experience with your friends.


Cannyfeed is focused on usability, quality and reliable functionality.

  • We are constantly working to improve your viewing experience online.

  • Users are not required to download any software to view any of the content we offer.

  • Feel free to search through the many available feeds or channels without ever interrupting the video you are currently watching.

  • Cannyfeed is free and legal as all of the content we provide is already available by parsing the providers own publically available content notification systems into an easily searchable feeds.


Cannyfeed provides its users an organized platform to enjoy in one place which video content they can also find on many of their favorite sites on across the Web. All content is owned by their respective producers and all rights are reserved.


Currently Cannyfeed does not have any advertising agreements however we are committed to continued development of the user experience which at some point will likely lead to forms of embedded advertising in the future.